Origin Argentina
Varieties Alubia | Black | Light Red Kidney | Mung Beans | Dark Red Kidney | Cranberry
Details electronic selection | Quality 1 + 1 + 3 and 1 +2 + 3
Packing Bags of 25 kg – 50 kg / 50 lbs – 100 lbs
Ctnr 20′ dry / 24 tons x ctnr
Harvest June / July[

Bean production is located in the northwestern provinces of Argentina. The main production area is Salta province, with 80% of the total amount.
Nearly all of our country’s bean production es exported and although Argentina produces only 2-3% of total worlds dry beans, is third in the world ranking of exporters, with 15% of the total.
There are two very different markets and production… On one hand the blacks beans aimed mainly at Central/South America and African countries; and, on the other hand we encounter Alubia beans, with high quality and value for European Mediterranean and Arab countries.


Origin Argentina
Size 7, 8 and 9 mm
Details electronic Selection
Packing Bags of 25 kg – 50 kg / 50 lbs – 100 lbs
Ctnr 20′ dry / 23 tons x ctnr
Harvest November

In our country, chickpeas cultivation takes place in the North of Argentina, mainly in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, Cordoba and Tucuman. The seeding time starts at the end of May for the long-cycle varieties and the first days of July for short-cycle. The harvest takes place later on the year, but are collectes until Easter.

The chickpeas produced in our country are the subtype of Kabuli variety (size medium to large, rounded and wrinkled, colored and with non-pigmented flowers). This crop is grown in the Mediterranean region, Central and South America.


Origin Argentina
Varieties Butterfly
Details Non GMO | Expansion: 38-40 and 40-42
Min Percentage of explosion: 98%
Packing: Paper or Poly bags (25 kg and 50 lbs)
Ctnr 20′ dry / 25 tons x ctnr

Argentina is the biggest world exporter of popcorn in grains and second largest world producer, after U.S. Consitnously growing in quantity and quality in the last years, Argentina is presently recognized as a reliable supplier and because of that, exports 95% of its total production worldwide.

splited white corn

white corn grits

white corn flour

splited yellow corn

yellow corn grits

yellow corn flour


green peas